I've changed

My blog too wordpress

here's the link


Pakai tudung tapi tak pakai baju? Apa kejadahnye lah


Layari Website ini untuk keterangan lebih lanjut :


*tak disarankan oleh ibu-ibu yang mengandung.

Hai, Saya Kena Tag

I've been tag by this blog yang comel-comel tu haha

Four most important dates in your life:

o 1 January
o 21 October 1994
o 19 Feb and 17 Nov
o 10 August

Four thing you've done in the last 30 minutes:
o Myspace
o Facebook
o Flickr
o Blog

Four ways to happy:
o Being with friends
o Do some Crazy stuff
o Talk to my cats
o Sit =='

Four people you miss from your pass:
o All my dead relatives
o Long lost mates
o My Ex-Cats
o My beloved DSC-W1

Four gifts you would like to receive:
o Digital Single Lens Reflex
o Sony PS3
o Canon XHA1

Four of your favorite hobbies (currently):
o Sleep
o Tv
o Internet
o Sleep

Four places you want to go:
o United Kingdom
o German
o Scotland
o Korea

Four favorite drinks:
o Milo Ice
o Neslo Ice
o Carrot Susu
o Fresh Orange

Four things always found in your bag:
o Text Books
o Pencil Case
o Plastics
o Exercise Books (HAHA semua equipment sekolah)

Top four hangouts:
o Berjaya Megamall
o East Coast Mall
o Teluk Chempedak
o House

Top four you love so much:
o Family
o Cats
o Best Friends
o Ex-Best Friends

The people who I going to tag:
o To whom
o It
o May
o Concern haha

Corrupt Reason

anwar photography, kl-kuantan,2008

Well, i've deleted my old blog and change it to another blog because my old blog is so out of season, like rubbish only haha, btw, i want to introduce myself first.

My name is Anwar and you can call me Anwar or anything you want and im still studying in Kuantan. I love music, graphic editing and many others. I love to shoot some pictures but my pictures not worth 10,000 words. but anyway, welcome to my blog, hope you'll enjoy reading my post next time :)